Sustenazo (Lament II)
13 Diciembre al 28 Abril - 2012

Monika Weiss

Monika Weiss is a Polish-American artist based in New York City whose transdisciplinary work investigates relationships between body and history, and evokes ancient rituals of lamentation. Her films/video, installations, public performances, photographs and drawings combine minimalist and poetic approach with socially engaged and complex narratives. In the words of British art critic Guy Brett, Weiss “provides an alternative experience of space and time, which is not end-driven but steady and enduring, establishing and deepening a human presence”. Her current work considers aspects of public memory and amnesia as reflected within the physical and political space of a City. Educated originally as a classical musician, Weiss records and composes sound in her films from testimonies, recitations, and musical instruments, including her own piano improvisations, merging diverse narratives together into polyphonic compositions.

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